Why Buy Now

Why Buy Now

It's a Great Time to Buy a Leckhampton Home Right Now!
Right now is the perfect time to buy a home. There are advantages for buyers that weren't around in healthier housing markets. So really, buying a home now makes more sense than ever.

Why Buy Now?
Interest rates are at near all-time lows, and plenty of mortgage options are available for buyers with good credit. It also makes smart financial sense, with benefits like tax deductions and home equity loans. Real estate is an excellent investment.

Why Buy New?
Knowing that your home is brand new, you won't have any costly repairs or renovations. Our home come with standard energy-saving features that would cost over $25,000 to incorporate into an average American home. Plus, your home comes with a warranty.

Why Buy A Leckhampton Home?
Leckhampton Homes understands your expectations and what it means to exceed them. Leckhampton Homes represents over seventy years and three generations of home building experience. It has always been a tradition of ours to provide families with the best quality home at the most affordable price. Exceeding your expectations is standard at Leckhampton Homes. Trust the experience of the family that revolutionized Houston home building.

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