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Leckhampton Homes understands your expectations and what it means to exceed them. With over seventy years and three generations of home building experience, it has always been a Norwood tradition to provide families with the best quality home at the most affordable price.

The Norwood family began building homes in Houston in the 1950s, when homes were less than $10,000 and interest rates were a whopping 3%. The Norwoods began setting the pace to meet the growing demand for housing. They were the first builders to have model home parks and to furnish their models. The Norwoods also revolutionized the high standards of quality control for home building and community development. They were the first to build "master-planned communities." More than 23,000 home buyers enjoyed a solid investment with their home.

In 1990, the Greater Houston Builders Association honored the Norwoods as the pioneers of the home building industry as it is known today. It was also the year Steve Norwood chose to once again build affordable homes in the Houston area.

Exceeding your expectations is standard at Leckhampton Homes. Trust the experience of the family that revolutionized Houston home building and let Leckhamton Homes be your home builder in Montgomery, Texas.

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